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best internet marketing tools, internet marketing resources, internet marketer, work from home mom, internet marketing, make money online, online business, online entrepreneurWhether you’re just starting out as an internet marketer or you’re a seasoned online entrepreneur, you need support.  Working from home is fun and rewarding but it can be challenging and sometimes you feel like you’re going to alone. I’ve compiled a list of great internet marketing resources. The list includes sites that will help you stay motivated. Sites that will inform you and sites that will help you take your online business to a whole new level.

Each of these sites has been an integral part of me growing my business and going from total online business newbie to someone who is actually making some money online. I love each site for different reasons and they will never know how much they’ve helped me grow as an internet marketer. Disclaimer: there are some affiliate links below meaning if you purchase something from them I get a small commission. However, they are also all tools I would use whether I got paid to advertise for them or not.

Free Internet Marketing Resources

Smart Passive Income – This is Pat Flynn’s blog. It has something for everyone from total internet marketing newbie to seven figure earner. Pat is very transparent about his online businesses and income from them. He is also just a really down to earth kind of guy who offers a ton of free information. Pat has a podcast where he discusses a wide variety of online business topics and has guest interviews with top earners in the business. I can’t even say how much I value Pat Flynn as a resource. His Niche Site Duel and Niche Site Duel 2.0 are great places to start if you’re at a loss for what to do next.

Niche Pursuits - This is Spencer Hawes’ blog about making money online. He is another wonderful resource for the newbie. Spencer offers a ton of great internet marketing information for free and is pretty transparent in how he makes money online. I’ve learned a lot from Spencer. He also is the creator of one of my favorite niche market research tools, Long Tail Pro (paid tool).

Internet Marketing Success Center (IMSC) – This is Sean Donahoe’s internet marketing blog. Sean offers a ton of free content here. There are links from the site to his paid training courses and software. Those are incredibly valuable and can really help you take the next step in your online business. However, I’d say start with his blog and just see what he’s giving away for free. You will be blown away.

Dave Ramsey – Okay so Dave Ramsey’s site is not really about making money online but it is about managing your money. I would never have had the opportunity to start my own business and become a work at home mom if I didn’t have my finances under control and be working my way out of debt. When you have so much debt you must get a steady paycheck just to survive, you don’t have many options. Sure if you could just make $100,000 online this month then you wouldn’t worry about money but reality is this is a business, you will probably start very small and then work up to the big money. Knowing how to control your money is key to being able to run a successful online business. Dave’s approach is biblical but even if you’re not very religious the principles he teaches are sound for everyone. Dave has a lot of books but two of my favorites are The Total Money Makeover for personal finance and EntreLeadership for how to run a business.

Paid Internet Marketing Tools I Like

There’s an old saying that you have to spend money to make money. I believe that is true to an extent. You can do many internet marketing tasks on your own which is one reason this business appeals to so many people. However, if you want to make real progress you’ll need some tools. Things like website hosting, domain registrations and email autoresponders are pretty universal tools that internet marketers and online entrepreneurs use. Others like keyword research tools are great to have and make your job quicker and easier but you can get started without them.

GetResponse – email marketing and autoresponders. GetResponse is easy to use, very graphic and has a ton of pre-made templates. I also have the ability to create my own templates and the scheduling feature really puts me in control of my email campaigns. It is reasonably priced and even has an app for my phone so I can manage my campaigns on the go.

Long Tail Pro – Keyword research tool. I can’t say enough about this tool and the level of professionalism Spencer Hawes and his team bring to the table with it. It’s well supported, they update and improve it often and it just plain does exactly what I need it to. I can have multiple research campaigns, see what the competition of any keyword looks like and even track my rankings on the big 3 search engines. If you are looking for a tool to help you find those niches and moneywords this is the one I recommend.

Namecheap – Domain registration. Namecheap is well priced, easy to use and convenient, all the things I look for in a domain registrar. They compete will with their bigger competitors and I think offer great customer service. I’ve been using them for a few years and register all my domains with them. I love that I have one dashboard to see all my domains and when they expire.

HostNine – Domain hosting. I chose to go with HostNine for domain hosting because I think they offer a great reseller package. I can get up to 100 domains hosted for one low monthly fee. I can also manage all my hosting in one convenient location. They offer multiple server locations so I can spread my domains around to different IP addresses.  Again, they also offer great customer service. I think that is really important when I deal with a company and if they don’t then I’ll start looking elsewhere. I’ve used HostNine for a while now and have never had any problems using their site or with downtime on my domains.



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