Best Internet Marking Tools That Really Work


On average an internet marketer uses 5-15 pieces of software or tools EACH day! It makes sense that we want to do our work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Below I've listed some of my favorite online marketing, internet marketing or general business tools. I've been the victim of shiny object syndrome and have spent thousands of dollars chasing the "next big thing". I'd like to save you some time and money by recommending tools that have worked for me.

Disclaimer: Most of these are affiliate links. This means if you buy something from one of the links below I get a small commission.  However, I won't ever recommend something that I haven't actually spent my own money on to buy and that I really love. I appreciate you coming to my site and spending some time here so I won't try to just sell you some crap to make a few bucks.  Also, not every tool will be for every online business. I try to give a short description about how I use the product to give you an idea if it will be right for you but please use your common sense before making any purchase. This is your hard earned money, choose where to spend it wisely.
Namecheap Domain Registration

I've used Namecheap now for quite a while to register all my domain names. It is easy to use and they offer great customer service. I love that all my domains are listed in one place and I can see right away when they are coming up for renewal. They also offer emails reminders so you never let a domain name lapse.

Namecheap offers private domain registration so you can protect your personal information. The pricing of annual domain renewals is comparable to any other big registrar and better than many. They also offer hosting services if you need some of your domains hosted.

HostNine Domain Hosting

HostNine has been a great hosting provider. So much so that I've transferred all of my domains to this one host. I have a reseller account which is awesome because I can host up to 100 domains under one account for one low monthly fee. HostNine also has great customer service.

If you have many domains this is a great way to go. It is for low to medium traffic sites like authority blogs or niche sites because there is a maximum storage and bandwith allocation. However, the maximum space/bandwith is quite large. I'm currently hosting 20+ sites with no problem.

GetResponse Email Marketing System

GetResponse is my email marketing provider and I love their service. It is simple, easy to use and very graphic. I can drag and drop, copy and paste and use all the other shortcuts to create an email. They also have dozens of ready to use templates to make it simple.

I used to be intimidated to use an autoresponder or do email marketing and even tried one of GetResponse's competitors. I hated it. I was clunky and hard to use. I love the simplicity, ease of use and great customer service that GetResponse offers. They even have an app so I can manage my email campaigns from my phone!

Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

There are a lot of tools floating around that will help you do keyword research but my favorite is Long Tail Pro. It is simple enough for a newbie but powerful enough for a guru. The customer service is great and I can't even count the number of updates Spencer Hawes and his software team have done for this product. It was great to start with and they just keep improving on it.

Some of my favorite features are that: I can save campaigns so I can always get back to the core search terms no matter how far down the rabbit hole my research takes me, I can see the top 10 competitors for a specific search term, get info like the number of backlinks they have and other metrics that help me decide if I can be competitive for that search term or not.